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12th physics preboard paper set d Full solution 2023/preboard abhyas paper class 12th physics MP


12th physics preboard paper set d Full solution 2023

vH;kl g srq l asiy iz’u i=
Ekk/;fed f’k{kk e.My] e-i z- Hkk siky
gk;j l sd.Mjh ijh{kk 2022&2023
Higher Secondary Examination 2022-2023

Hkk Sfrd ‘kkL=

(Hindi & English Versions)
Total Questions- 19 Time- 3 Hours
Total Printed Pages-13 Maximum Marks-70
(i) lHkh i z’u gy djuk vfuok;Z g S aA iz’u Øek ad 05 l s 19 rd i zR;sd e sa vk arfjd
fodYi fn; s x; s g S aA
(ii) iz’u Øek ad 01 l s 04 rd izR;sd i z’u ij 7 v ad fu/kk Zfjr g SA izR; sd mii z’u
ij 1 v ad fu/kk Zfjr g SA
(iii) iz’u Øekad 05 ls 12 rd izR;sd ds 2 vad fu/kkZfjr gS aA izR;ds mRrj ds fy,
‘kCn lhek 30 ‘kCn g SA
(iv) iz’u Øek ad 13 l s 16 rd izR;sd iz’u d s 3 v ad fu/kk Zfjr g S aA i zR; sd mRrj d s
fy, ‘kCn lhek 75 ‘kCn g SA
(v) iz’u Øek ad 17 d s fy; s 4 v ad fu/kk Zfjr g S aA mRrj g sr q ‘kCn lhek 120 ‘kCn g SA
(vi) iz’u Øekad 18 o 19 rd izR; sd i z’u d s 5 vad fu/kkZfjr gSaA izR;ds mRrj ds
fy, ‘kCn lhek 150 ‘kCn g SA

(i) All Questions are compulsory. Internal choice is given in every
question from Question No. 05 to 19.
(ii) Question no. 01 to 04 carries 7 marks for each. Each sub question
carries 1 mark.
(iii) Question no. 05 to 12 carries 2 marks for each. For every answer
word limit is 30.
(iv) Question no. 13 to 16 carries 3 marks for each. For every answer
word limit is 75.
(v) Question no. 17 carry 4 mark. For answer word limit is 120.
(vi) Question no. 18 and 19 carries 5 marks for each. For every answer
Word limit is 150.

iz-1 izR; sd iz’u d s fn, x, fodYiks a e sa ls lgh fodYi pqudj fyf[k,A 1×7=7 v ad
Select and write the correct option from the options given in each question.
v-1⁄2 fcanq vkos’k Q ds dkj.k r nwjh ij fo|qr {ks= dh rhozrk E:
1- E ∝ r 2- E ∝

3- E ∝

4- E ∝

A.) The intensity of electric field (E) at a distance ‘r’ from the point Q is:
1- E ∝ r 2- E ∝

3- E ∝

4- E ∝

c-1⁄2 /kkjk ds pqEcdh; izHkko dh [kkst dh Fkh&
1- ¶ysfe ax u s 2- vksLVsaM us
3- QSjkMs us 4- ,sfEi;j us
B.) Magnetic effect of electric current was discovered by:

  1. Fleming 2. Oersted
  2. Faraday 4. Ampere
    l-1⁄2 p qacdh; ¶yDl ij SI ek=d gS&
    1- oscj 2- xkml
    3- vkWLVs aM 4- V slyk
    C.) The SI Unit of magnetic flux is
  3. Weber 2. Gauss
  4. Oersted 4. Tesla
    n-1⁄2 fuokZr ~ esa fo|qr pqEcdh; rjax dk osx gksrk gS&
    1- C =
    2- C = ඥμ୭ ∈୭

3- C = ට
4- C = ට


D.) Velocity of electromagnetic waves in vacuum.

  1. C =
    2- C = ඥμ୭ ∈୭

3- C = ට
4- C = ට

b-1⁄2 T;kferh; Nk;k e sa izdk’k ds vfrØe.k dks dgrs gS
1- O;fDrdj.k 2- foor Zu
3- /kzqo.k 4- viorZu
E.) The overlapping of light in geometrical shadow is called

  1. Interference 2. Diffraction
  2. Polarization 4. Refraction
    Q-1⁄2 ,d QksVksu dh ÅtkZ 3 ev gSA QksVkWu dk rjxa nS/;Z gksxk&
    1- 4125 nm 2- 412-5 nm
    3- 4150 nm 4- 4 nm
    f.) A photon has energy 3 ev. Then wave length of photon is
    1- 4125 nm 2- 412-5 nm
    3- 4150 nm 4- 4 nm

-1⁄2 ,d x zke inkFkZ ds lerqY; ÅtkZ gk sxh&
1- 9X106 twy 2- 3X1013 twy
3- 3X106 twy 4- 9X1013 twy
g.) Energy equivalent to 1gm of mass is
1- 9X106 Joule 2- 3X1013 Joule
3- 3X106 Joule 4- 9X1013 Joule


iz-2 fjDr LFkkuksa dh iwfrZ dhft, 1×7=7 v ad

1⁄4v1⁄2 nks lekarj pkyd rkjksa e sa ,d gh fn’kk e sa /kkjk izokfgr gks jgh gS] o s
,d&nwljs dks————————djaxs sA
1⁄4c1⁄2 /kkjkokgh o`Rrkdj dqaMyh ds dsUnz ij p qEcdh; {ks= mld s ry ds———gksrk gSA
1⁄4l1⁄2 tc ,d by sDVakWu pqEcdh; {ks= ds———————-xfr djrk gS rc ml ij dksbZ cy
dk; Z ugha djrk gSA
1⁄4n1⁄2 ;fn fdlh izR;korhZ /kkjk ifjiFk e sa ÅtkZ O;; dh nj ‘kwU; gks] rc ifjiFk dh
/kkjk dks———/kkjk dgr s gSA
1⁄4b1⁄2 VakalQkWeZj———————-d s fl)kar ij dk; Z djrk gSA
1⁄4Q1⁄2 dqaMyh esa izsfjr /kkjk dh fn’kk ——————-ds fu;e ls Kkr dh tkrh gSA
1⁄4>1⁄2 izdkf’kd rarq ————————d s fl)kar ij dk; Z djrk gSA
Q.2 Fill in the blanks: 1×7=7 v ad
(a) When current flows through the two parallel wires is in same direction
then then will…………………each other.
(b) The magnetic field at the centre of a current carrying circular coil
is………… to its plane.
(c) When an electron moves……………………to a magnetic field then no
force acts on it.
(d) If the rate of loss of energy in an circuit is zero then the current through
circuit is called…………………..current.
(e) Transformer works on the principle of …………………
(f) The direction of induced current in the coil is given by……………
(g) …………………….is the principle of working of optical fibre.

iz-3 lgh tksfM+;k cukb,A 1×7=7 v ad
v c
1- fjMcx Z fu;rkad v- nevd
2- cksj f=T;k c- hv = hv୭ +


3- QksVkWu dk laosx l- ቀ

− 1ቁ R

4- vkbUVhu dk izdk’k fo|qr lehdj.k n- ୦
5- izfrjks/kdrk rki x q.kkad b- ௠௘ర
6- lsy dk vkarfjd izfrjks/kd Q- α =
ୖ౥× ୲
7- /kkjk ?kuRo x- P=௛

Q.3 Match the columns: 1×7=7 v ad

  1. Rydberg constant v- nevd
  2. Bohr radius c- hv = hv୭ +

  3. momentum of photon l- ቀ

    − 1ቁ R
  4. Einstein photoelectric equation n-


  1. Temperature coefficient of resistance b-
  2. Internal resistance of cell Q- α =
    ୖ౥× ୲
  3. Current density x- P=௛

iz-4 ,d ‘kCn ;k ,d okD; e sa mRrj nhft,A 1×7=7 v ad
1- Rkkiof) ds lkFk v)Zpkyd dh pkydrk e sa fdl izdkj ifjorZu gksrk gS \ 2- P-N laf/k e sa vo{k; irZ dh eksVkbZ fdl dksfV dh gksrh gS \ 3- fdl vfHkufr e sa P-N laf/k Mk;ksM dk izfrjks/k cgqr vf/kd gksrk gS\ 4- ;ax ds f}fLyV iz;ksx e sa fdl jax ds fy, fÝat pkSM+kbZ lcls de gksrh gS\ 5- iryh fQYe d s jax dk dkj.k D;k gS\ 6- fo|qr pqEcdh; LisDVae ds fofHkUu Hkkxks a ds uke vkofRr ds c< +r s Øe e sa fyf[k;s\
7- fo|qr pqEcdh; LisDVae ds fdl Hkkx dh Hksnu {kerk lokZf/kd gksrh gS\
Q.4 Write the answer in one word or one sentence. 1×7=7 v ad

  1. How does increase temperature affect the conductivity of a semi
  2. What is the order of thickness of depletion layer in a P-N Diode ?
  3. In which bias does a P-N diode offer greater resistance ?
  4. In young’s double slit experiment for which colour of light fringe width is
    minimum ?
  5. What is the cause of colours in thin films ?
  6. Write the names of different part of electromagnetic spectrum in
    increasing order of frequency.
  7. Which part of electromagnetic spectrum have maximum penetrating
    power ?

iz-5 fdlh fo|qr f}/kqzo ds f}/kzqo vk?kw.kZ dks ifjHkkf”kr dhft,- ;g vfn’k jkf’k gS 2 v ad
;k lfn’k jkf’k\
Define dipole moment of an electric dipole. Is it a scalar or vector quantity?


fo|qr ¶yDl dks ifjHkkf”kr dhft, ,oa bldk SI ek=d fyf[k,\
Define electric flux and write its SI unit?

iz-6 vuqxeu osx dh ifjHkk”kk fyf[k,\ fo|qr /kkjk ,oa vuqxeu osx e as laca/k 2 v ad
Define drift velocity? Write a relationship between the drift velocity and electric


fof’k”V izfrjks/k ;k izfrjks/kdrk dh ifjHkk”kk fy[krs gq, budk SI ek=d ,oa foeh; lw=
Hkh fyf[k,A
Define specific resistance or resistivity. Write its SI unit and dimensional

iz-7 py dq.Myh /kkjkekih dh dq.Myh ds e/; ueZ yksgs dk ØksM D;ksa j[krs gSa\ 2 v ad
Why a soft iron core is kept in moving coil galvamometer?

/kkjkekih esa pqEcd ds /kzqo vory D;ksa cuk, tkrs gSa\
Why the pole pieces of magnet are made concave in a galvanometer.`

iz-8 ,d 100 Ω dk izfrjks/kd 220 V, 50 Hz vkiwfrZ ls la;ksftr gSa 2 v ad
(a) ifjiFk e sa /kkjk dk rms eku fdruk gS\
(b) ,d iwj s pØ e sa fdruh u sV ‘kfDr O;; gk srh gS\
A 100 Ω resistor is connected to a 220 V, 50 Hz ac supply.
(a) What is the rms value of current in the circuit?
(b)What is the net power consumed over a full cycle?


(a) A.C. vkiwfrZ dk f’k[kj eku 300 V gSA rms oksYVrk fdruh gS\
(b) A.C ifjiFk e sa /kkjk dk rms eku 10 A gSA f’k[kj /kkjk fdruh gS\

(a) The peak value of ac supply is 300 V. what is the rms voltage?
(b) The rms value of current in an ac circuit is 10 A. what is the peak

iz-9 iw.kZ vkarfjd ijkorZu dh vko’;d ‘krsZ fyf[k,A 2 v ad
Write the necessary conditions of total internal reflection?


nk<+h cukus ;k esdvi djus ds fy, vory niZ.k dk mi;ksx D;ksa fd;k tkrk gS\
Why, concave mirror is used for shaving or makeup?
iz-10 izdk’k fo|qr izHkko dks ifjHkkf”kr dhft, ,oa blls lacaf/kr vkbUlVhu dk 2 v ad
lehdj.k fyf[k,\
Define photoelectric effect and write einstein equation related to its?

nzO; rjxa ksa dh dksbZ nks fo’ks”krk,a fyf[k,\
Write properties of any two matter waves?
iz-11 gkbMakstu ijek.kq e sa dsoy ,d gh by sDVakWu gSa fdUrq mlds mRltZu LisDVae 2 v ad
esa dbZ js[kk,¡ gk srh gS] D;ksa\
Hydrogen atom contains only one electron but Emission spectrum of hydrogen
atom has many lines. Why?


;fn ijek.kq e sa by sDVakWu viuh d{kk e sa fLFkj gks rks D;k gksxk\
What will happen if electron remain stationary in an orbit?
iz-12 ukfHkdh; fo[k.Mu vkSj ukfHkdh; lay;u esa nks eq[; varj fyf[k,A 2 v ad
Write two main difference between nuclear fission and nuclear fusion.


dkj.k fyf[k,%&
1- ukfHkdh; fo[kaMu d s fy, dsoy U;wVkWu gh mi;qDr gksrk gSA
2- ukfHkdh; lay;u vHkh rd i`Foh ij ,d izk;ksfxd rFkk fu; af=r mtkZ lzksr ds :Ik e sa
D;ksa iz; qDr ugha gqvk gS\
Give reason:-

  1. For nuclear fission only neutron is preferred.
    2.The nuclear fusion could not be used as an experimental and controlled source
    of energy till now on the Earth.

iz-13 lekarj Iy sV la/kkfj= dh /kkfjrk ds fy, O; atd LFkkfir dhft,A 3 v ad
Establish an expression for capacitance of the parallel plate capacitor?

xkWl dh ize s; fyf[k, ,oa fl) dhft,\
Write and prove Gauss theorem?
iz-14 fdlh fo|qr ifjiFk ds fy, fdjpkWQ ds fu;e fyf[k,\ 3 v ad
For any electric circuit write kirchhoff’s laws?

fdjpkW Q ds fu;eksa ds vk/kkj ij OghLVksu l srq dk fl)kar LFkkfir dhft,\
Establish the principle of wheatstone bridge in basises of kirchhoff’s law?
iz-15 10 V fo|qr okgd cy okyh cSVjh ftldk vk arfjd izfrjks/k 3 Ω gS fdlh 3 v ad
izfrjks/kd ls l a;ksftr gSA ;fn ifjiFk es a /kkjk dk eku 0-5 A gks] rks izfrjks/kd
dk izfrjks/k D;k gksxkA tc ifjiFk can gS rks lsy dh Vfe Zuy oksYVrk D;k gksxh\
A battery of emf 10 v and internal resistance 3 Ω is connected to a resistor. If
the current in the circuit is 0.5 A. What is the resistance of the resistor? What is
the terminal voltage of the battery when the circuit is closed?


dejs ds rki (27.0°C) ij fdlh rkiu vo;o dk izfrjks/k 100 Ω gSaA ;fn rkiu&
vo;o dk izfrjks/k 117 Ω gk s rks vo;o dk rki D;k gksxk\ izfrjks/kd ds inkFkZ dk
rki x q.kkad 1.70×10-4 °C
-1 gSA

At room temperature (27°C) the resistance of a heating element is 100 Ω What
is the temperature of the element, if the resistance is found to be
117 Ω given that temperature coefficient of the resistor material is
1.70×10-4 °C

iz-16 nks y sal ftudh Qksdl nwfj;k¡ f1 vkSj f2 gSa laidZ esa j[ks x;s gSaA ;fn bl izdkj fufe Zr
la;qDr ysal dh Qksdl nwjh F gks rks fl) dhft, fd 3 vad



Two lenses of focal lengths f1 and f2 are kept in contact, if the focal length of the
combination if F then prove that



fdlh xksyh; niZ.k ds fy, niZ.k l w= dh LFkkiuk dhft,\
Establish the mirror formula for spherical mirror?

iz-17 P-N laf/k Mk;ksM D;k gS\ P-N laf/k Mk;ksM dh dk; Zfof/k vx z vfHkufr vkSj Ik’p
vfHkufr esa fo|qr vkjs[k [khapdj le>kb,A 4 v ad
What is P-N Junction diode? Explain the working of P-N Junction with circuit
diagram in forward and reverse bias.

fn”Vdj.k D;k gS\ fo|qr ifjiFk [kh apdj P-N laf/k Mk;ksM dh iw.kZ rjxa fn”Vdkjh dh
fØ;k le>kb,A
What is rectification? Explain the use of P-N Junction diode as full wave
rectifier with draw electric circuit diagram.
iz-18 VakUlQkWe Zj dk o.kZu fuEufyf[kr fcanqvks a ds vk/kkj ij dhft,& 5 v ad
1- fl)kar 2- VakUlQkWeZj ds izdkj
3- ifj.keu vu qikr ds lw= dk fuxeu 4- ukekafdr js[kkfp=
Describe a transformer under the following headings.

  1. Principle 2. Kinds of transformer
  2. Labelled diagram 4.Derive the formula for transformation


izR;korhZ /kkjk tfu= dk o.kZu fuEu ‘kh”kZdksa ds varxZr dhft,&
1- fl)kar 2- ukekafdr j s[kkfp=
3- eq[; Hkkxks a ds uke 4- dk; Zfof/k
Describe an alternating current generator under the following headings.

  1. Principle 2. Labelled diagram
  2. Name of Main parts 4. Working
    iz-19 la; qDr lw{en’khZ dk o.kZu ‘kh”kZdksa ds varxZr dhft,& 5 v ad
    1- izfrfcEc cuus dh O;oLFkk dk fdj.k vkj s[k
    2- vko/kZu {kerk ds lw= dh LFkkiuk tcfd v afre izfrfcac
    (a) Li”V n`f”V dh U; wure nwjh ij cu sA
    (b) vuUr ij cu sA
    Describe compound microscope on following heads.
  3. Draw Ray diagram of formation of image.
  4. Derivation of formula for magnifying power when final image is formed.
    (a) At least distance of distinct vision.
    (b)At infinity.


[kxksyh; n wjn’kh Z dk o.kZu fuEu ‘kh”kZdksa d s varx Zr dhft,A
1- izfrfcEc cuus dh O;oLFkk dk fdj.k vkj s[k
2- vko/kZu {kerk ds lw= dh LFkkiuk tcfd v afre izfrfcac
(a) Li”V n`f”V dh U; wure nwjh ij cu sA
(b) vuUr ij cu sA
Describe the astronomical telescope on following heads.
  1. Draw Ray diagram of formation of image.
  2. Derivation of formula for magnifying power when the image is formed at.
    (a) Least distance of distinct vision.

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