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Class 9th English Varshik paper 2024 pdf : कक्षा 9वीं अंग्रेज़ी वार्षिक पेपर 2024


प्रिय विद्यार्थियों जैसा कि आप सभी Class 9th English Varshik paper 2024 pdf तो मैं आप सभी के लिए बताऊंगा कैसे Class 9th English Varshik paper 2024 pdf डाउनलोड कर सकते हैं

Class 9th English Varshik paper 2024 pdf
Class 9th English Varshik paper 2024 pdf
Class 9th English Varshik paper 2024 pdf

विद्यार्थियों अब आप सभी को विश्वास भी हो गया होगा कि मैं आप सभी को पेपर प्रोवाइड करने वाला हूंजैसा कि आप सभी पहले से ही जानते होंगे कि हमारे द्वारा दिए गए प्रश्न पत्र आपको परीक्षा में देखने के लिए मिलते हैं हमारा प्रयास हमेशा से यह रहता है कि हर विद्यार्थी परीक्षा में टॉप करें मतलब अच्छे अंक प्राप्त करें और आगे बड़े विद्यार्थियों अगर आप STUDY NOTES PJ से पहले जुड़े हुए हैं तो आप सभी को पता होगा कि इसके पहले भी मैंने आप सभी की कितनी मदद की है वार्षिक परीक्षा 2024 में भी संपूर्ण मदद करने का प्रयास करूंगा बस आप सभी को इस पोस्ट को ज्यादा से ज्यादा विद्यार्थियों तक शेयर करना है

EXAM TYPEवार्षिक परीक्षा 2024
EXAM DATE18 march
Class 9th English Varshik paper 2024 pdf

                            कक्षा 9वी

                  विषय (English उत्तरमाला)

Question no. 1 answer

  • (iii) China and Far East.
  • (ii) Tea ceremony.

© (iii) Olive coloured.

  • Mint.

€ Messy.

Question no. 2 Answer:-

(a) by imitating what we hear..

(b) speak, read and write.

© Helen spent her life working to help the blind and the deaf.

(d) (ii) at the age of two.

€ (iii) blind.

Question no. 3 Answer

  • Notes:-1. Good health is essential for success in life

2. One should avoid everything which affects health and efficiency adversely. .

3. One should be truthful, humble, considerate, fair, kind and co- operative.

4. One should have upright character and moral courage.

5. One should cultivate some interesting hobbies to fil one’s vacant hours.

6. One should seek the company of good people.

  • Title:- Secrets of Success.

Question no. 4 Answer


The Principal,

Govt. Boys H. S. School,

Mandsaur (M. P.)

Subject: Application for leave


Respectfully, I beg to state that I have been suffering from fever since last nig I am unable to attend the school. Kindly grant me leave for three days from 20th September to 22nd September.

Dated 20.09.2023

Yours obediently,

Naresh Tiwari

9th A


17, L.B.S. Marg,”

Jabalpur (M.P.)

Dated 26th March, 20….

Dear Anurag,

I hope you are quite well and fine there. I have received your letter inviting me to spend some days with you and your family during summer vacations. Thanks a lot for this kind gesture. I shall inform you about this later.

Presently I am inviting you to attend my birthday party on 3rd April. Many of our friends have given their consent to come on this day. We shall enjoy the company of one another. It will be great fun. Inform me about the date of your arrival. Yours as ever,


Question no. 5 Answer

Wonders of Science

  1. Introduction:-It is the age of science. There are many wonders of science. Science plays an important role in our daily life. It has made our life easier and more comfortable.
  • Scientific Inventions:-Scientists have invented several things and machines big and small-through observation of very simple events. Electricity is one of the greatest Inventions of science. It serves us in hundreds and thousands of ways. It runs our trains, mills and factories. It cools and warms our houses. It washes and irons our clothes. It gives us cool air and entertains us through cinema, TV and radio besides lighting our houses. Modern life cannot be imagined without electricity
  • Means of Communications:–Buses, cars, trains, ships and acroplanes are the greatest contributions of science Man can reach any part of the world within hours. Through S.T.D. and 1.S.D. we can talk to our friends and relatives living at a great distance. Internet is also a cheap means of communication and a great source of information.
  • Medicine and Surgery:-Science has not only cured man from deadly diseases, but it has also increased his life expectancy and made him healthier as well. In the field of surgery too, science has done wonders.
  • Computers:- Computers are also a wonderful invention of science. They perform several complex tasks in a very short time.
  • Disadvantages of Science-Science has a dark side also. Invention and production of atom bombs is a great danger to the world. They can destroy the entire world within seconds. Big factories, mills and other machines have polluted the atmosphere. It is becoming more and more difficult to get pure air and water. Machines have increased the problem of unemployment also.

Question no. 6 Answer

          Importance of Trees

Trees are the best gift of nature for us. They make the environment beautiful and clean. Human beings get food from trees. Trees give us wood and shade. Trees can be called the best friend to mankind. Trees give us oxygen to breathe to remove carbon dixoide. Many animals get their food from leaves, vegetables and fruits grown one trees. We should stop cutting trees to save nature.

We all should plant more trees and teach each other to stop causing harm to nature. One tree can save many lives.

Question no. 7 Answer

Ans. (1) went, (ii) can, (iii) May, (iv) or, (v) should, (vi) taller.

Question no. 8 answer

Ans. (i) Unless you win the race, I shall not reward you.

(ii) His father was so angry

That he beat the dog.

(iii) Do not bring your copies.

(iv) Is Radha singing a song?

(v) He is cleaning the room.

 (vi) Good news is expected by us today

Question no. 9 Answer

  1. ©, 2. (A), 3. (B), 4. (A), 5. (D), 6 . (D), 7. (B),

Question no. 10 Answer (A)


  • (ii) Her father.
  • (ii) In morning.

© Responded.

Question no. 10 ka (B) Answer


  • (ii) No Men are Foreign.
  • (iv) All of these.

© (ii) Hate.

Question no. 11 Answer

(i)Ans. Kezia’s family consists of her father, mother, grandmother and she herself.

(ii) Ans. Kezia prepared a pin-cushion for her father.

(iii) Ans. Einstein left the school in Munich because he did not like the ways of the school

He hated the school’s regimentation and often clashed with teachers.

(iv) Ans. The headmaster said that Einstein would never make a success at anything.

(v) Ans. His father said that he knew he had to go away to grow. He gave the example of seagull and said, a seagull flies across the sun alone and without a nest.

(vi) Ans. Kalam collected the seeds of tamarind that were in great demand in the marke during the Second World War. He used to sell these seeds to earn a good amount of money.

(vii) Ans. Maria was sent to the United States so that she could excel in tennis and become a tennis star.

Question no. 12 Answer

  • Ans. The last two lines of the poem mean the acceptance of reality. The poet made a

Choice and accepted the challenging path. He wanted to do something different in his life so he chooses the less travelled road. No he does not regret his choice.

  • Ans. Wind God winnows means that nature sifts the weak things from the strong ones. Everything that is weak is tossed by the powerful and gets destroyed, just like the winnower separates the grains of wheat from the chaff. Similarly, the wind God separates the weak from the strong
  • Ans. It seemed to more than make up for the absence of a TV in Mahendra’s living quarters because his stories were so entertaining that every night he would enjoy the unique way in which Iswaran narrated a story which used to be full of adventure, suspense and horror.

Question no. 16 Answer

(i)Ans. The author says that Toto was not the kind of pet that they could keep for long because he was extremely mischievous. He destroyed many things, he tore the wallpapers. clothes and curtains. He broke dishes too. The family could not afford all this so the grandfather decided to get rid of him. He returned Toto to the same tonga driver

(ii) Ans. No, everybody is not fortunate to have a cosy bed to lie in when it rains. Net everyone sets to enjoy the comfort of cosy homes during rains. I’ve seen many people and animals seeking shelter under trees and under the roofs of small tea stalls. The shopkeepers of such stalls are delighted as the people waiting for the rain to subside, often end up buying tea and snacks.

  • Ans. Iswaran has been called an asset to his master Mahendra as he took care of all his master’s needs from cooking and cleaning to washing his clothes. He cooked delicious meals for him. He also entertained his master with his wonderful stories.

Question no. 14 answer

(i)Ans. Tommy describes the old kind of teachers in a funny way He says, teachers were men who did not live in our houses. They used to go to special building to teach the same thing go all the children. He used to ask questions to them and gave them home work.


Ans. A legend is a story from ancient times about people and events. Which is Believed to be true. It contains a moral. This poem is called a legend because it has a moral which is narrated to children to teach them moral values.

Question no. 15 answer

Ans. When it rains, the poet feels delighted to lie with his head pressed against the pillow of his cottage chamber bed and listen to the patter of the soft rain


Ans. The child lags behind because he would watch the different happenings around him. He would get attracted to these things and would stop in his way. Thus, his parents would walk ahead and he would be left behind

Question no. 16 Answer

Ans. The author says that Toto was not the kind of pet that they could keep for long because he was extremely mischievous. He destroyed many things, he tore the wallpapers, clothes and curtains. He broke dishes too. The family could not afford all this so the grandfather decided to get rid of him. He returned Toto to the same tonga driver.


Ans. The doctor lived in a small rented house. The house had no electricity. It was an outer room with two windows. It had no ceiling. There were rats all around.

कक्षा 9वी वार्षिक परीक्षा के पेपर 2024

विद्यार्थियों आइए जानते हैं वार्षिक परीक्षा परीक्षा 2024 में क्या-क्या लेकर जाना है

  • काले और नीले के दो-दो पेन लेकर अवश्य जाना है
  • एक  ट्रांसपेरेंट पानी की बॉटल लेकर जाना है
  • गणित के पेपर में संबंधित सामग्री लेकर अवश्य जाना है
  • विद्यालय में परीक्षा के 1 घंटे पहले पहुंचना अनिवार्य है

CClass 9th English Varshik paper 2024 pdf Solution PDF link

  • Class 9th English Varshik paper 2024 pdf Free OF COST आपको प्रोवाइड करा रहा हूं 
  • PDF डाउनलोड करने के लिए कुछ दिशानिर्देश नीचे दिए गए हैं
  • उनको ध्यानपूर्वक पढ़ें तभी आपको Class 9th English Varshik paper 2024 pdf Solution की PDF link मिलेगी
  • क्योंकि आपको फ्री ऑफ कॉस्ट प्रोवाइड करी जा रही है तो कुछ नियम आपको फॉलो करने होंगे
महत्वपूर्ण STEP Class 9th English Varshik paper 2024 pdf की PDF डाउनलोड करने के लिए
  • सबसे पहले यूट्यूब चैनल को सब्सक्राइब करके सभी प्लेटफार्म पर फॉलो करना होगा
  • इसके पश्चात किसी भी एक (एड  विज्ञापन) पर एक बार क्लिक करना होगा
  • विज्ञापन पर क्लिक करने के पश्चात डाउनलोड (LINK एक्टिवेट) हो जाएगी
  • इसके पश्चात 20 से 25 सेकंड का टाइमर चलेगा
  • इसके पश्चात  डाउनलोड का हरा बटन नजर आयगा उस पर क्लिक कर देना होगा
  • इसके पश्चात फाइल डाउनलोड हो जाएगी

NOTE :25 सेकंड के बाद ही आपको हरा कलर का डाउनलोड का बटन

तो विद्यार्थियों में उम्मीद कर रहा हूं अभी तक आप सभी को Class 9th English Varshik paper 2024 pdf तथा पेपर का फुल सोल्यूशन मिल चुका होगा मैंने PDF भी आप सभी को प्रोवाइड कराई है ताकि आप सभी को कोई भी समस्या ना हो लगातार आपके कमेंट आते रहते हैं कि सर हमें PDF भी दिया करो हमें बहुत ज्यादा समस्या होती है फाइनली मैं आप सभी को पीडीएफ भी प्रोवाइड कर दी है अब आप सभी को इस पोस्ट को ज्यादा से ज्यादा विद्यार्थियों तक शेयर करना है जिससे कि सभी की हेल्प हो पाएगी और आपको जल्दी से जल्दी मैं पेपर प्रोवाइड कर पाऊंगा आप हमारे सोशल मीडिया लिंक से भी जुड़ सकते हैं सारे लिंक में आपको प्रोवाइड करा दे रहा हूं

Class 9th English Varshik paper 2024 pd

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