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Mp board class 10th English Set D paper 2023 | कक्षा 10 अंग्रेजी Set d Board paper


Mp board class 10th English Set D paper 2023 प्रिय विद्यार्थियों 17 मार्च को आप का अंग्रेजी का पेपर होने वाला अभी अभी वायरल हो चुका है संपूर्ण पेपर आपको आज की इस post के माध्यम से बताया जाएगा की वायरल क्वेश्चन पेपर Mp board class 10th English Set d paper 2023 की PDF तथा साथ में सभी क्वेश्चन के उत्तर की पीडीएफ के साथ प्रोवाइड कर आएंगे ताकि आप अंग्रेजी के पेपर में संपूर्ण नंबर ला सकें सबसे पहले मैं अपने बारे में आपको बताना चाहूंगा मेरा नाम प्रियांश जैन है और मैं एक टीचर हूं और आपके लिए हमेशा हेल्पफुल कंटेंट लेकर के आता रहता हूं जैसा की आप सभी लगातार इंतजार कर रहे थे कि Mp board class 10th English Set D paper 2023 का पेपर कब मिलेगा फाइनली हम पेपर लेकर के आ चुके हैं संपूर्ण पेपर आपको दिखाया जा रहा है जिसमें सभी क्वेश्चन के आंसर आपको बताए जा रहे हैं ज्यादा से ज्यादा विद्यार्थियों तक इस पेपर को आपको शेयर करना है और पहुंचाना है जैसा कि आप सभी इस ब्लॉग के माध्यम से पेपर की पीडीएफ को डाउनलोड करने के लिए आए हैं और पेपर की पीडीएफ को डाउनलोड करना चाहते हैं पेपर की पीडीएफ डाउनलोड करना बहुत ही आसान है नीचे कुछ तरीके मैं आपको बताऊंगा जिन तरीकों से आप पेपर डाउनलोड कर सकते हैं

Mp board class 10th English Set D paper 2023 PDF

Exam Department NameMadhya Pradesh Board of Secondary Education
ExaminationBoard Exam
Exam Year2022-23
Class CategoryMPBSE 12th
Type examAnnual Exam
Exam Date17 March 2023
SubjectEnglish Subject
Post CategoryQuestion paper

Mp board class 10th English Set D paper 2023

Mp board class 10th English Set D paper 2023

                                             SECTION -A (Reading)

Q.1 Read the following passage and answer the questions

         given below it :                                                                          [1×5=5]

Indira Gandhi was the first woman Prime Minister of India. She was born in Allahabad on November 19, 1917. She was the only child of Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru and Kamla Nehru. Indira was a lovely child so her parents and grandparents called her Indira Priyadarshini.

They lived in a big house. Its name was Anand Bhawan.

Little Indira had many dolls. Some of them were from foreign. She loved to play with them.


1011-A                                     page 1 of 9

She dressed them like brides and bridegrooms or Raja and Rani or Satyagrahis and Policemen.

At the age of four, Indira went to Gandhiji’s Ashram at Sabarmati. There she slept on the floor and ate simple food.                                                                               

Questions: –

(a) Indira Gandhi lived in

(i) Kamla Bhawan

(iii) Anand Bhawan

(ii) Nehru Bhawan

(iv) Gandhi Bhawan.

(b) At what age, Indira Gandhi went to Gandhi Ashram ?

(i) 8

(iii) 10

(ii) 4

(iv) 6.

(c) Gandhiji’s Ashram was at :

(i) Allahabad

(iii) Delhi

(ii) Lucknow

(iv) Sabarmati.

(d) Who was the first woman Prime Minister of India?

(e) Which word in the passage means ‘Newly married man??


1011-A                                     page 2 of 9

Q.2 Read the following passage and answer the questions

       given below it :                                                                            [1×5=5]

The national emblem of the government of India is the symbol of peace and goodwill to the world. It was the royal insignia of the Emperor Ashoka. It was taken from the pillar at Sarnath. The pillar was primarily intended to commemorate the great wheel with 24 spokes. The four animals carved in relief in the abacus of the wheel- the elephant, horse, bull and lion symbolise the four quarters of the universe. The boldly designed, finally proportioned and well conceptualised architecture draws the admiration of the beholder and recalls the first sermon by Lord Buddha at Sarnath. A group of four lions surmount the Sarnath capital, each facing the cardinal direction. The pose of their limbs and tense muscular anatomy speak of the imagination of an accomplished master craftsman. Their faces and free-flowing manes, the bold contours of their rounded figures, their subtle modelling in relief manifest the unerring and confident hand of master artists of the Mauryan Court.


(a) How many spokes are there in the great wheel of the pillar?

(i) 7                                                               (ii) 10

(iii) 24                                                          (iv) 15.

(b) The four animals carved in the abacus of the wheel symbolise :

(i) the four powers                                     (ii) the four days

(iii) the four quarters                                (iv) the four forests.”

(c) The national emblem has been taken from the

(i) pillar at Qutub Minar                            (ii) pillar at Sarnath

(iii) first Sermon                                         (iv) government.

(d) The national emblem recalls the first sermon by………….. at Sarnath.


1011-A                                     page 3 of 9

(e) Give the noun form of ‘Great’.

                              SECTION – B (Writing)

Q.3  Read the following passage carefully. Make notes and

       supply a suitable title                                                                     [4]

Each one of us must realize that the only future of India and its people is one of tolerance and co-operation, which have been the basis of our glorious past. We have laid down in our constitution that India is a secular state. This does not mean irreligion. It means equal respect for all faiths and equal opportunities for those who prefer different faiths. We have, therefore always to keep in mind this vital aspect of our culture which is also of the highest importance in India today. Those who put up barriers between one Indian and another and who promote disruptive tendencies do not serve the cause of India and its culture. They weaken us at home and discredit us abroad.

Q.4.  Write an application to your Principal to grant you

          full fee concession/scholarship.                                                       [4]                                                        


          Write a letter to your friend to attend your brother’s


Q 5. Write an essay on any one of the following topics in about

       200 words:                                                                                [5]

(i) My Hobby                               (ii) A Cricket Match

(iii) Science in your daily life     (iv) An Indian Festival.


On the basis of the following points-prepare an article in about 80 words:


1011-A                                     page 4 of 9                                  

Q 6. Write a paragraph of about 80 words on the basis of the visual given:    [3]

                         SECTION – C (Grammar)

7. Fill in the correct word given in the brackets (any five) :                  [1 X 5=5]

  • See that you have not………… anything in the room of the lodge.

                                                                                             (leave, left)

     (ii) Iron is…………… useful metal.

                                                                                                          (a, an)

    (iii) I wish I ………… a king.

                                                                                                       (was, were)

    (iv) She………… the room for 3 months

                                                                      .(is cleaning, has been cleaning)

    (v) I don’t like………….. of them.

                                                                        (either, neither)                            

    (vi) He is poor…………. honest.

                                                          (and, but)

    (vii) Do not buy………….. fruits.

                                                         (rot, rotten, rottened)


1011-A                                     page 5 of 9                                  

Q 8 Do as directed (any five)                                                       [1 X 5=5]

(i) He was punished for stealing the ring.

     (Make a question with ‘Why’)

(ii) I cut my nails last evening.

     (Change into negative)

(iii) They spend money uselessly.

      (Change into interrogative)

(iv) She has lost her pen.

     (Change into Past Perfect Tense)

(v) He works hard. He may get success.

     (Combine with “so….that”)

(vi) He is old. He works hard.

    (Combine with ‘and’ or ‘but’)

(vii) They are playing cricket.

    (Change into passive voice)

                          SECTION – D (Text Books)

Q.9  Choose the correct option:                                                   [1 X 4=4]

(i) In ‘The Ball Poem’, what does “in the world of possessions” mean?

(A) Lone                                         (B) Hate

(C) Materialistic things               (D) None of the above.

(ii) Which fruit does the author compare the baker’s physique with?

(A) Jackfruit

(B) Banana

(C) Watermelon

(D) Muskmelon.

(iii) What did Buddha ask Kisa Gotami to bring?

(A) A handful of mustard seeds

(C) A handful of maize

(B) A handful of wheat

(D) A handful of barley.

(iv) What is the colour of the ramparts of the young lady?

(A) Golden


1011-A                                     page 6 of 9                                  

(C) Honey

(B) Silver

(D) Brown.

Q 10. Read the extracts carefully and answer the following questions’

        Given below:                                                                 [1 X 3=3]

(A) No one is born hating another person because of the colour of his skin or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.

Even in the grimmest times in prison, when my comrades and I were pushed to our limits, I would see a glimmer of humanity in one of the guards, perhaps just for a second, but it was enough to reassure me and keep me going. Man’s goodness is a flame that can be hidden but never extinguished.


(a) Who is saying these lines?

(i) Mr. de Klerk

(iii) Oliver Tambo

(ii) Thabo Mbeki

(iv) Nelson Mandela.

(b) What comes more naturally to human heart?

(i) Hate                              (iii) Love

(ii) Weakness                   (iv) Strength.

(c) What was the occasion ?

 (i) College function

 (iii) Army day

 (ii) Oath taking ceremony

 (iv) Party meeting.

(B)   “I heard an old religious man                                                  [1X 3=3]

But yesternight declare

That he had found a text to prove

That only God, my dear,

Could love you for yourself alone

And not your yellow hair.”


1011-A                                     page 7 of 9                                  


(a) Who was it that the poet had heard?

(i) A Priest

(iii) A King

(ii) An old religious man

(iv) None of these.

(b) Who can love us for who we are and not for how we look ?

(i) Poet

(ii) Young boy

(iii) Old man

(iv) God.

(c) Which word in the extract means ‘A religious book’?

(i) God

(iii) Text

(ii) Religious man

(iv) None of these.

Q 11. Answer the following short answer type questions in

          30 words (Prose)                                                                            [2X6=12]

1.What happened to Lencho’s field after the rain                        

2.What does Mandela set for the future of South Africa ?

3. What tells you that Anne loved her grandmother?

4. What are the elders in Goa nostalgic about

5. What did Mij do to the box?

6.What was Valli’s favourite pastime ?

7. When her son dies, Kisa Gotami goes from house to house.

    What does she ask for ?

Q 12. Answer the following short answer type questions in

          30 words (Poetry)                                                                            [2X2=4]

1. Describe the sky when ‘Dakota’ took off from Paris ?

2. What was Valli’s deepest desire ? Find the words and phrases

    in the story that tell you this.

3. How do you usually understand the idea of ‘selfishness’ ? Do you

    agree with Kisa Gotami that she was being ‘selfish in her grief’ ?


1011-A                                     page 8 of 9                                  

Q13. Answer the following short answer type questions in

          30 words (Footprints)                                                                     [2 X 2=4]

1. What is the theme of the poem ‘A Tiger in the Zoo’ ?

          2. What does “in the world of possessions” mean?

3. How old do you think Amanda is ? How do you know this?

Q14. Answer the following long answer type question in 75 words (Prose) :

Find three things that tell us that the fog is like a cat.                              [3]


“Belinda tickled him she tickled him unmerciful …..” why ?

Q15. Answer the following question in about 75 words.                          [3]

Who is the real culprit in the story ‘A Question of Trust’ ?


How did Richard Ebright’s mother help him ?

Q16.Answer the following question in about 75 words.                            [3]

What kind of person is Mr. Loisel, her husband ? 


The course of the Loisel’s life changed due to the necklace. Comment.

_______________________________________________________________1011-A                                     page 9 of 9

Mp board class 10th Eglish Set D paper 2023 pdf solution Link

जैसा कि आप सभी ने अभी तक Mp board class 10th English Set d paper 2023 वायरल क्वेश्चन पेपर देख लिया होगा अब आप सभी को वायरल क्वेश्चन पेपर का सलूशन चाहिए  प्रिय विद्यार्थियों सॉल्यूशन की पीडीएफ को तैयार कर लिया गया है और अगर आप इस ब्लॉक पर आए हैं तो पीडीएफ को डाउनलोड करके ही जाएंगे विद्यार्थियों पीडीएफ को डाउनलोड करना बहुत ही आसान है बहुत ही आसान तरीके से आप पीढ़ी ऐप को डाउनलोड कर सकते हैं कुछ स्टेप जिन्हें फॉलो करके आप पीडीएफ को डाउनलोड कर पाएंगे मैं नीचे बता रहा हूं उन स्टेप को आपको फॉलो करना है और पीढ़ी ऐप को डाउनलोड कर लेना है तो ध्यान पूर्वक इन स्टेप को आपको पढ़ लेना होगा

विद्यार्थियों आइए जानते हैं किस तरीके से आप solution ki Pdf को डाउनलोड कर सकते हैं इन निर्देशों को ध्यानपूर्वक पढ़ें
  • सबसे पहले आपको पोस्ट में सफेद कलर के डाउनलोड बटन को ढूंढना होगा
  • डाउनलोड बटन मिलने के बाद बटन के ऊपर एक ऐड आ रही होगी उस पर क्लिक करके फिर वापस आना होगा यह बहुत आवश्यक स्टेप है इससे हमें भी सहायता होगी  और आपका भी फायदा होगा
  • एड पर क्लिक करके वापस डाउनलोड बटन पर क्लिक करना होगा फिर 15 सेकंड वेट करना होगा
  • इसके पश्चात पीडीएफ आपके मोबाइल में होगी
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