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pre board paper class 10th english full solution Set C|abhyas pre board paper 2023 10th english solution Set C


pre board paper class 10th english full solution Set C

Practice Question Paper- 2023

(i) Read all the questions carefully.
(ii) Read the instructions given with the questions before attempting them.
(iii) Marks of each question are indicated against them.
1.Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below:
The Wright brothers did not have to look far for ideas when building their airplane, they
studied birds. The act of copying from nature to address a design problem is not new, but
over the last decade the practice has moved from obscure scientific journals to the
mainstream. The term ‘biomimicry’, popularized by American natural-sciences writer Janine
Benyus in the late 1990s, refers to innovation that take their inspiration from flora and fauna.
Biomimicry advocates argue that with 3.8 billion years of research and development,
evolution has already solved many of the challenges humans now encounter. Although we
often see nature as something we mine for resources, biomimicry views nature as a mentor.
From all around the globe, there are countless instances where natural sources have served
as inspiration for inventions that promise to transform every sector of society. One such
instance occurred in 1941 when Swiss engineer, George de Mestral was out hunting with his
dog one day when he noticed sticky burrs, with their hundred tiny hooks, had attached
themselves to his pants and his dog’s fur. These were his inspiration for Velcro.
I. The airplane was inspired by – 1
(a) plants (b) birds (c) animals (d) flies
II. Biomimicry refers to designs that – 1
(a) transformed society (b) are based on scientific engineering
(c) are inspired by natural things (d) arise out of man’s creativity
III. Biomimicry views the natural world as a – 1
(a) mine field of ideas (b) mentor (c) mine for resources (d) source of inspiration
IV. What has helped solve many of the challenges encountered by man? 1
(a) Evolution (b) Innovation (c) Biomimicry (d) Invention
V. The two instances of biomimicry mentioned in the passage are – 1
(a) birds and burrs (b) copying and innovating (c) flora and fauna (d) airplane and Velcro
Time:3 hours Total Marks:75

2.Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below:
Mary was blind at birth. Doctors during those years had been unable to do anything to correct
the situation and although her parents lived in anguish, not being able to see was normal for
her. After years of training to live in a dark world, Mary got a job and moved into her own flat.
Several years later the doctors she occasionally visited for check-ups told her that a new
technique had been found. This technique could restore her sight. One would think that Mary
would have jumped at the possibility to see, but actually she was not at all happy about this
situation. She had never seen anything before. She had established a life for herself in a world
without sight and the thought of changing this lifestyle was frightening. She was more
frightened of seeing than of not.
I. One who cannot see is called _ 1

(c) lame
(d) blind
II. Being able to see was _
(a) something Mary was not happy with.
(a) what Mary wanted.

(a) a welcome surprise for Mary. 1
(a) what Mary was accustomed to.
III. According to the passage, Mary’s inability to see was _ 1 (a) caused by her doctors. (b) caused by her illness (c) present from her birth. (d) present from hospital IV. Mary got a job after 1
(a) she could see. (b) years of training to live in a dark world.
(c) She had left her studies. (d) The doctors had found a new technique.
V. Find out the word from the passage which is similar to ‘pain’ __
(a) several (b)sight (c) frightened (d) anguish

  1. Read the following passage carefully. Make notes and supply a suitable title: 4
    A dolphin is an aquatic mammal. Dolphins are extremely intelligent and sociable animals and
    have their own way to communicate with each other using special sounds. Although they are
    often mistaken for fish, dolphins are actually mammals. They are members of the Cetacea
    (pronounced set-ay-shia) family, which also contains whales and porpoises. One way of telling
    the difference between a cetacean and a fish is by looking at their tails. You can tell a cetacean
    because their tail fins (called flukes) are horizontal and move up and down. Fish have vertical
    tails which move from side to side. A dolphin’s body is designed to help them move quickly
    and easily through water. The dolphin’s fluke propels it through the water. On its back is a
    curved dorsal fin and on each side of the dolphin is a pectoral fin. The bump on a dolphin’s
    head is known as the melon. They trap their prey by using their teeth. Dolphins use a type of
    sonar to detect where objects are around them. This is called echolocation. Echolocation


works when a dolphin bounces a high-pitched sound off an object and then listens for the
echo to come back. It is a very useful way for dolphins to find food and navigate. Dolphins
communicate with each other through clicks, squeaks and whistles. They use these special
sounds to greet each other and to indicate if they are in distress. Dolphins live in the sea, but
they can’t breathe under water! They breathe through a blowhole and have to come up for
air every 15 minutes.
4.You are Rachana Sharma studying in Govt. Higher Secondary School Neemkhedi. Write an
application to your principal to issue books from book bank. 4
Write a letter to your friend inviting him to spend summer vacations with you.

  1. Write an Essay on any one of the following topics in about 150 words. 5
    (i) Any Burning Problem of India
    (ii) A Train Journey
    (iii) Importance of Newspaper
    (iv) My Best Friend
    Write a paragraph on any one of the following in about 150 words
    (i) Save Water
    (ii) Good Manners
  2. On the basis of the picture given below, write a short paragraph on how can we make
    our environment polythene free in about 75 words and also give a suitable title to it. 3

Section-C (Grammar)

  1. Fill in the blanks: (Any five) 5
    (i) When they reached the station, the train had already———–(leave/leaving/left)
    (ii) Ravi is —— university student.(a/an/the)
    (iii) I often go to Mumbai—— is the commercial capital of India.(who/which/whose)
    (iv) Do you usually go out———-Saturday evenings? (in/at/on)
    (v) Will you buy— apples for me?(some/any/much)
    (vi) I am putting on weight. You—–go on a diet.(needed to/ ought/should)
  2. Do as directed: (Any five) 5
    (i) Rashmi does her work daily. (Make negative)
    (ii) Sameer shut the door. (Make interrogative)
    (iii) is/the/honesty/policy/best ((Rearrange the words to make a meaningful sentence.)
    (iv) Hindi is taught by Mr. Sinha. (Change into active voice)
    (v) Sania said, “I am making tea.” (Change into indirect speech);
    (vi) The train will arrive in 30 minutes. (Frame a question with ‘when’)
  3. Answer the following questions:
    (i)The lesson ‘His First Flight’ is about—— 1
    (a) pigeon (b) pilot (c) parrot (d) seagull
    (ii) Which of these messages does the poet want to covey through the poem ‘Amanda’? 1
    (a) Children need instruction.
    (b) Children should be given freedom.
    (c) Children must be disciplined.
    (d) Children should be allowed to watch TV.
    (iii) Coorg is famous for _. 1
    (a) tea(b) bread(c) coffee(d) green
    (iv) Mustard was——– 1
    (a) Belinda’s yellow rat(b) Belinda’s yellow dog (c) Belinda’s grey mouse (d) Belinda’s grey dragon
  4. (A) Read the following extract from the prose and answer the questions given below:
    I knew that the oppressor must be liberated just as surely as the oppressed. A man who takes
    away another man’s freedom is a prisoner of hatred; he is locked behind the bars of prejudice and

narrow mindedness. I am not truly free if I am taking away someone else’s freedom, just as surely
as I am not free when my freedom is taken from me. The oppressed and the oppressor alike are
robbed of their humanity.
(i)Who is the writer of the lesson from which this text has been taken? 1
(a) G.L Fuentes (b)Anup Kumar Datta (c) Nelson Mandela
(ii) A man who takes away another man’s freedom is _ 1
(a) a prisoner of superiority (b) a prisoner of self-value (c) a prisoner of hatred
(iii) Find out the word from the above text which is opposite of the word ‘wide’? 1
(a) liberated (b)narrow (c) robbed
(B) Read the following extract carefully and answer the questions given below:
He hears the last voice at night,
The patrolling cars,
And stares with his brilliant eyes,
At the brilliant stars.
(i) From which poem the above lines have been taken? 1
(a) Dust of Snow (b) Fire and Ice (c) A Tiger in the Zoo
(ii) What does he stare at? 1
(a) cars (b) night (c) stars
(iii) Which of the following is opposite of the word ‘brilliant’? 1
(a) intelligent (b)dull (c) glare

  1. Answer the following questions (30 words): (Any six) 2×6= 12
    (i) Why did the postmaster send money to Lencho? Why did he sign the letter ‘God’?
    (ii) Why were the two national anthems sung on the day of oath taking ceremony?
    (iii) Why was Mr. Keesing annoyed with Anne? What did he ask her to do?
    (iv) What game had Mij invented?
    (v) What was Valli’s favourite pastime?
    (vi) How did Valli save up money for her first journey?
    (vii) What did Chubukov suspect?
  2. Answer the following questions (30 words): (Any two) 4
    (i) Where did the ball go?
    (ii) Is Amanda an orphan? Why does she say so?
    (iii) In the poem ‘The Trees’, what does the poet compare the branches of trees to?
  3. Answer the following questions (30 words): (Any two) 4
    (i) What suggestions were given by Dr. Herriot to Mrs. Pumphrey at the initial stage?
    (ii) How did M. and Mme Loisel replace the necklace?
    (iii) Why was the twentieth century called the ‘Era of the Book’?
  4. Why do you think Kisa Gotami understood this only the second time?
    In what way did the Buddha change her understanding?(in about 75 words)

Describe the narrator’s experience as he flew the aeroplane
into the storm.(in about75 words
15.Do you find The Tale of Custard the Dragon to be a serious or a light- hearted poem?
Give reasons to support your answer?(in about 75 words) 3
What is the central idea of the poem ‘Fire and Ice’?

  1. What are Hari Singh’s reactions to the prospect of getting an education? 3.
    Do they change over time? What makes him return to Anil?
    Why did Bholi at first agree to an unequal match? Why did she later reject the marriage?

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